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ESAI Conference 2021


Please use this form to submit your abstract for ESAI Conference 2021.

1. Structure of Abstracts
Abstracts should make reference to
(a) background/context
(b) research aim/objectives
(c) methods and data sources, or equivalent for theoretical/conceptual papers
(d) key findings/takeaway points

Abstracts must be between 200 and 400 words in length.

2. Presentation Formats

3. Abstract Review
All abstracts will be double-blind reviewed (reviewers of abstracts won't see the identity of the author(s), and the author(s) won't see the identity of reviewers). 

4. Closing Date for Submissions
The closing date for proposal submissions is Wednesday 16th December 2020 at 5pm. 

General Information
Author 1
Maximum 3 Sentences
Author 2
Maximum 3 Sentences
Author 3
Maximum 3 Sentences
Contact Author
Author who will serve as the point of contact for correspondence about the submission.
Topic Areas
To help match submissions to reviewers and sessions, please select the area(s) most applicable to your submission

Please enter at least three keywords to help match submissions to reviewers and sessions
Paper, e-Poster, Concise paper, early career researcher: Minimum 200 and Maximum 400 words. If you require formatting that cannot be included using the Abstract box here (such as italics, etc.) please download the template at this link and upload it using the File Upload option below. Please only use this option if you are unable to submit your text using the Abstract box here.
Symposium: For Symposium propoals, please type the overall Symposium outline (maximum 400 words) into this Abstract box, and use the File Upload below to upload the Symposium Proposal document (available at this link) which contains the details of the constituent symposium papers.

Please only use this File Upload facility for Symposium proposals and for Paper proposals that require additional formatting. In so far as possible, we ask that the full text of abstracts be submitted using the Abstract box above.
Please enter a password you will remember. The submission ID, which you will receive via email upon submission of this form, along with this password will allow you to make future changes to this submission.
Please note: you will know your abstract has been successfully submitted if
(1) this screen changes to show you a summary of your abstract once you click the "Make Submission" button below, and
(2) you will receive an email copy of your abstract.

When you are ready to submit your abstract, please click the "Make Submission" button.


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